Marketing Company Stackla Resolves Battle With Facebook


Marketing company Stackla, which curates content posted on social media, has resolved a battle with Facebook over access to users’ posts.

On Monday, the Australian-based Stackla withdrew a lawsuit against Facebook over its decision to terminate access to users’ content. The move came the same day that a Stackla investor reportedly said the company had regained the ability to glean material from Facebook and Instagram.

Last month, Stackla alleged in a federal lawsuit filed in San Francisco that Facebook and Instagram were terminating outside developers’ access to the platforms in response to ongoing fallout from the Cambridge Analytica debacle.

“Stackla is a good actor in the marketplace, but became a casualty of defendants’ relentless scorched-earth approach to belated reputation protection,” the company wrote in its complaint.

Stackla said its business would be destroyed without access to Facebook, given that more than 80% of the material it curates comes from Facebook and Instagram.

The marketing company sought a temporary restraining order that would have require Facebook to restore Stackla’s accounts.

Late last month, U.S. District Court Judge Phyllis Hamilton rejected that request, writing that Stackla hadn’t shown it would suffer “imminent harm” without access to Facebook.

“Stackla does not identify a single client that it will imminently lose (or even an exemplary client it has already lost), it does not submit a copy of any contract it will breach (or even identify any exemplary contractual term it will breach), and it does not identify any clients who will imminently give notice of material breach (or even an exemplary client of the 100 who have already given such notice),” she said in a written opinion.

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