Honda, Purina Celebrate Dog Holidays With Videos


Honda is celebrating National Dog Week while Purina is recognizing National Service Dog Awareness Month. 

September is National Service Dog Awareness Month, and Purina Dog Chow is holding its second annual “Service Dog Salute” campaign, created to pay tribute to veterans and the loyal dogs that serve them. To help spread awareness, Purina partnered with vets and their families for a video of veterans and their families writing letters to their service dogs.

Golin was the lead creative/production agency for the video, while Post Asylum partnered for the editing. Media includes a national TV buy through Fox (it premiered this past weekend during college football), earned, and organic and paid social.

Purina aims to ensure any veterans who may be suffering from PTSD or other challenges know the life-changing benefits that service dogs can provide. The company is working with members of Congress in support of new federal legislation to provide government funding for training of service dogs for veterans.

Honda, meanwhile, is celebrating National Dog Week with a video that highlights the pet-friendly features of its light trucks for vehicle owners and their dogs.

To help showcase these features, Honda enlisted the help of some furry friends in a video to demonstrate how its lineup of SUVs, minivan and pickups help humans and their canine companions make the most of a day at the park.

The video cleverly shows how the vehicles’ features can be used to fulfill human or dog needs. For example, the Ridgeline includes an in-bed trunk that can double as a dog washing station. The Odyssey includes an optional vacuum system that can be used to suck up kid messes, as well as furry kid messes.

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