Retailers Create New Opportunities For Brands


There has been an evolution in Delta Faucet Co.’s media strategy; it has come to rely on channel partners to be successful in the marketplace.

Among such partners are plumbing wholesalers, commercial projects like hotels and apartment buildings, and big box retail.

Maggie Miller, Director, Omni-Channel Marketing, Delta Faucet Company, told our Search & Performance Insider Summit on Friday how the brand has developed a new full-funnel strategy that begins with awareness and equity and relies on retailers in the market to keep Delta “front and center.”

Sponsored products drive conversions, and Delta is making “a lot more investment in resources to pull this off.” 

ROAS focus isn’t going to drive incremental sales, Miller said. Instead, Delta is balancing ROAS with other metrics with a focus on measurement tactics and on conversion tactics first. “We are open to testing new opportunities,” she said. “It is critical to our e-commerce performance.” 

Among the lessons learned along the way:

  • Educating internal leadership is critical to evolution
  • Best attribution includes click through not just view through
  • Sponsored products driving highest sales correlation (today)
  • Building strong analytics capability is a big journey, lot of opportunity.
  • Be okay with some bugs. Be upfront with retailers; they take feedback to heart. 


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