CES 2020: Hyundai Shows Flying Taxi Concept, Teams With Uber


Hyundai presented its vision of the mobile future at CES this week, including a partnership with Uber with the carmaker manufacturing flying vehicles for the ride-hailing company.

Hyundai’s vision of the future is one including flying transport vehicles.

Hyundai formed a city advisory group to advise the company on its future direction and the group developed a future city scenario, which incorporated personal flying vehicles.

Hyundai showed a small scale it its flying vehicle, the eVTOL S-A1, at a press briefing Monday and then introduced a life-sized version at its main exhibit at CES.

The flying vehicle would carry up to four passengers with a pilot.

The idea for urban air mobility would include purpose-built vehicles and Hubs, locations from which the small flying vehicles would take off and land, which is where Uber comes in.

“We exist to help you move,” said Eric Allison, head of Uber Elevate, one of the presenters at the Hyundai CES presentation.

Hyundai would manufacture the Uber air taxis, which would be integrated with the Uber mobility platform, including vehicles and scooters.

The plan is to launch in 2023.

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