Acura Mobile Game Attracts Fans


In less than one week, with no paid support, Acura’s “Beat That” mobile game has amassed more than 230,000 game plays in 146 countries, according to American Honda.

With paid media kicking in this week, the automaker expects more fans to try and “Beat That” by racing their favorite Acura vehicles.

Inspired by Acura’s “Less Talk, More Drive” brand campaign, “Beat That” is the first mobile racing game spanning 30 years of gaming styles. It was developed by agency of record MullenLowe.

Players race against the clock in the sporty historic Acura models including the first-generation 1991 NSX, Integra Type R, ARX-05 race car and the new Type S Concept. The game encourages players to challenge friends to “Beat That” across social networks.

Free to play on desktop and mobile devices, the game enables players to race to the finish line of six unique tracks in one of six Acura vehicles featured in the “Less Talk, More Drive” TV spot. Each track represents an iconic era of gaming, from the popular 8-bit style of the ’80s and ’90s, to more photo-realistic treatments of modern gaming. Each Acura vehicle offers its own unique driving character and performance attributes.

In addition to being able to share across social feeds, players also can send a challenge to friends and family through Facebook Messenger or any other instant messaging platform.

Players also can test their skills through challenge lap times on the daily top 10 or all-time top 10 leaderboard.

Acura continues its use of GIPHY across social campaigns, this time creating “Beat That” GIFs using assets from the game. Players can use these GIFs to create their own Acura-styled game in the GIPHY Arcade.   

The game is also available for play in the Facebook Instant Games platform:

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