:30s Now Represent Two-Thirds Of Digital Video Ads Served


For all the buzz surrounding shorter-length formats — especially the six-second unit — :30s dominate the share of digital video ad impressions served and appear to be trending upward.

That’s one of the top findings of the latest quarterly edition of Extreme Reach’s Video Benchmark Report, which shows that the :30’s share has grown from about a third of all impressions served in the first quarter of 2016 to about two-thirds in the third quarter for 2019.

The :15 is the next most dominant commercial format length, currently representing 32% of all digital video ad impressions served in the third quarter, and essentially flipping positions with the :30 since Extreme Reach began tracking in the first quarter of 2016.

All other formats — :06-, :10, :60, and :90 units — accounted for less than 2% of all video ad impressions analyzed by Extreme Reach.

Another significant finding in the report is that connected TV (CTV) devices now dominate the marketplace of digital video ad serving, followed by mobile. Both desktop and tablet computers have waned significantly.

“Is it really any surprise that CTV is still queen of digital video,” the report’s authors write, adding: “Where do you spend your time with digital video content? With so many more choices and all sorts of cash being injected into new original content, it makes a lot of sense. CTV has seen an increase of 34% since this time last year and continues its upward trajectory. Mobile remains in the number two spot, but has obviously given way to CTV. And desktop is likely just a thing for work these days.”

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