Spike Santee

Spike Santee

I'm on a mission to improve the relevance and the profitability of Radio advertising services for the advertiser, the advertising salesperson and the Radio station, in that order.

Spike Santee is a successful entrepreneur, business leader, motivational speaker and author. Spike loves using his experiences from being a local sales professional to corporate sales leader, to help salespeople of all backgrounds find their true potential in the field of professional selling. Spike has worked with salespeople and their clients from New York City to Eugene Oregon, from Melbourne Florida to Santa Barbara California and many places in between.

Spike serves as President of Spike Santee Dot Com, LLC, a full service consulting company providing comprehensive sales and management services for high performance sales organizations. The company operates an online training portal called My Radio School Dot Com offering 24 hour access to professional training resources.

Spike is available for speaking engagements, workshops and webinars. Some of the topics covered include:

  • The Four Keys to Advertising Success
  • The Six Step Selling Process
  • Sales Training Like a Navy SEAL
  • The Four Formal Methods of Communication
  • The ABCs of a Qualified Prospect
  • Presenting Your Professional Qualifications
  • The Concentrated Sales Effort
  • The Private Folder Meeting
  • The Four Key Elements of Engaging Creative Advertising

Professional Recognition:

  • RAB Certified Radio Marketing Consultant
  • RAB Certified Radio Sales Manager
  • RAB Certified Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Professional Member of the National Speakers Association

You can find Spike's training online at My Radio School dot com.

Email: spike@spikesantee.com
Phone: 785-230-5350
Address: 6000 W 6th St. Suite B Lawrence, KS 66049

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