My Mission Statement

I am on a mission to improve the relevance and the profitability of local marketing services for the buyer, the salesperson and the supplier, in that order.

Let me know if I can help you.

Free Productivity Tools

Setting a goal is just the first part of accomplishing something you want. In the Franklin Covey 4DX Operating System, your goal is called a lag measure, it lags behind your activities. The second discipline in 4DX is to focus on your lead measures, those activities that you can leverage that will influence the lag measure. You can download my free Sales Funnel Calculator to help you calculate your lead measure activity levels required to achieve your goals.

Sales, Management and Leadership Education

The most rewarding activity in my life is helping others grow and prosper through the education and development services I offer. By any conservative estimate, in the past 25 years, I’ve educated over 4,000 salespeople, presented to tens of thousands of advertisers and helped sell hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising. Whether the education is in-person or online, I always do my best to ensure that you learn something helpful you can start using immediately.

The Academy

My online academy is not just a library of educational videos. My courses are interactive with live video conferencing, personalized assignments, assessments and collaborative activities.

The Workshops

Whether you’re looking for on-site educational services for your team members or a sales presentation for your customers, let me bring my presentation and selling skills in to help you create an amazing event.

The Webinars

In today’s fast-paced, connected world, getting your people together in one place at one time for an educational or sales event can sometimes be difficult. Let’s arrange to deliver the content in a webinar.

The Four Keys to Advertising Success® Book

Stop wasting your hard earned money on BADvertising. The Four Keys to Advertising Success® is a one-hour guide to successful local advertising strategies written specifically for the small business owner. Based on hundreds of interviews with local business owners, The Four Keys is an essential guide on what works and why in local advertising. I’ll be happy to autograph your copy. Specify to whom at check out in the special instructions.

The Four Keys to Advertising Success® Workshop

If you want to teach your local advertisers how to avoid making another costly mistake with their hard earned advertising funds, then you need to schedule a Four Keys to Advertising Success® Workshop in your market. This is not a high-pressure sales event with remenant inventory. The Four Keys to Advertising Success® Workshop is focused on educating your local advertisers about the secrets that the most successful and satified advertisers know and use every day.

Companies I Work With

This is a partial list of the companies that I’ve helped with their sales and training needs.

  • I've been working with Spike for a very long time. Whenever I get stuck and need help with an idea or a new project, Spike is there with just the right idea.

  • I met Spike early in my Radio career when I was struggling to get started. I was even thinking about quitting. But with Spike's help, I was able to get established and Radio advertising sales has been very good to me.

  • I've been in sales for most of my life. I'm not new to advertising but I am new to Radio advertising sales. I really enjoy Spike's personalized training style. He helps me learn what I need to know and he's always there when I have a question.

  • Spike helped me develop my leadership skills and prepared me for a promotion and more responsibilities.

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